January 6, 2020

My apologies for this coming so late, but medical issues that left me in considerable pain hampered my ability to get it finished in a timely manner. But here it is, at last, Psychedelic Waves Top 30 Albums of 2019! As always, this is a pretty subjective list, based solely on my own personal tastes and cool discoveries. I hope it allows you to discover something cool too! Here we go...

30. Weeed - You Are The Sky
More of their great motorik self-described "hippie metal". Some very inventive and hypnotic jams!

29. The Writhing Squares - Out Of The Ether
Throbbing bass, motorik synthesis, and skronking sax turned into a cosmic mix of freaked out lo-fi and punky free jazz and rock n' roll.

28. The Spacious Mind - The No...

December 30, 2017

This year proved particularly difficult to narrow down a Top 25 because there were just so many great albums that came out in 2017. I started with a shortlist of 58! Ultimately, this list represents the albums I enjoyed the most this year; the albums that thrilled me, moved me and inspired me. There are always some albums that might have made the list, but that I just missed or haven't had the chance to listen to yet. But as of the end of this year, based on what I've been listening to through the year, these were my favourite releases for 2017.

25. Mark McDowell And Friends - Dark Weave
Groovy, psych/folk tunes from this UK artist. Very trippy at times.

24. Moonwagon - Devil's Labyrinth
These Finnish expl...

January 2, 2017

There were so many great albums released this year, that this was a really tough list to make. I started with a list of over 100 and pared it down from there. If you don't see your album on this list, it doesn't mean that I didn't love it! A happy psychedelic new year to you all! Here's looking forward to lots of great music in 2017!

25. Tarot - Reflections

Solid 1970's proto prog/psych vibes from this Australian band.
24. Farflung - 5

The legendary US space rockers return with another stellar album of heavy duty tunes.
23. Cirrus Bay - Places Unseen

Influenced by 1970's prog band Renaissance, but forging ahead with their own sound.
22. Mondo Drag - The Occultation of Light

Yet another great album from these US stoner/...

May 9, 2016

Isao Tomita, more commonly known just by his last name, was a pioneering electronic music, famous for his creative renderings of classical pieces using synthesizers in the 1970’s, and also for his spectacular concerts in the 1980’s.

Tomita was inspired by Robert Moog and Wendy Carlos, and purchased the Moog III, a monophonic, modular analogue synthesizer and built his studio around it. His first album Electric Samurai: Switched on Rock did not receive much notice. It was his second album, Snowflakes are Dancing, that propelled him into the spotlight, not just in his native Japan, but worldwide. Tomita synthesized each instrument on the monophonic Moog, overdubbing in the studio to create lush renderings of the comp...

April 28, 2016

Welcome friends to my new blog, Psychedelic Waves. The idea here is to create a blog about psychedelic music and related styles that is more than just a review blog. To be sure, there will be reviews of new albums, but also, hopefully, some fresh insight on some older albums, plus news, interviews, opinion articles, and the thing that I hope will make my blog a little different: I plan on sharing little anecdotes from my musical life. I love telling stories, and I have a lot of them to tell.


I encourage you to join me on this musical journey, to not just learn about the latest grooves in psychedelic rock, but to experience what writer Tom Knox called ‘psychic music’. This is more the music of life’s less tangible...

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