May 18, 2016

On this day, one year ago, the world sadly lost a very singular talent in the form of Michael Kandel, better known by his recording name of Tranquility Bass. His unique fusion of sixties psychedelia, seventies funk, and modern electronica produced Let the Freak Flag Fly, one of the great psychedelic albums of the 90’s.

It all began in the early 90’s though when Kandel and Tom Chasteen formed their own electronic music label Exist Dance. Together, under the name Tranquility Bass, they produced two very well received singles (considered now classics of the era) in the form of They Came in Peace and Cantamilla. Chasteen and Kandel separated ways in the mid-90’s but Kandel continued to record under the Tranquility Bass...

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Jeff Fitzgerald

is a writer, musician and broadcaster. He formerly hosted the radio shows

Electronic Realizations on CKMS-FM and Prog World and  River Gibbs FM. He wrote for 15 years for the webzine Aural Innovations. He is also one half of the space prog duo The Star Diaries, one half of the electronic music duo Systems of Wonder, and is part of the Arcturus Strange collective.

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