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August 22, 2016

Multi-instrumentalist Steve Palmer returns with his second Blue Lily Commission release of 2016 (and 14th release overall), The Undrugged Orchestra.

The album follows in the footsteps of two 2015 releases: Undrugged and Drugged. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but my impression was that Undrugged presented a less weird, less psychedelic, more acoustic side to Blue Lily Commission’s music, focusing more on the world music elements, whereas Drugged, while still incorporating those world music elements, was trippier, with more electronics and stranger sounds. The Undrugged Orchestra again returns to the more stripped down, acoustic side that Palmer presented on the original Undrugged album, but this time cr...

May 6, 2016

Blue Lily Commission was started back in 2000 as a solo outlet for psychedelic rock group Mooch’s main man Steve Palmer to explore world and electronic styles of music. Four Journeys is the thirteenth release for the prolific Palmer as he continues to put out unique music that combines drones, complex rhythms, deep ambiance and exotic instruments used to create his particular intermingling of electronica, space rock, meditative music and psychedelia. Four Journeys is one of Palmer’s most ambitious projects to date. As the title suggests, the album consists of four extended pieces, all over 17-minutes long. Each one is a multi-layered sonic odyssey that takes the listener on both earthly outings and space expeditio...

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