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June 23, 2017

Hot on the heels of their full-length album Horizones, Civilian Zen return with an EP 4 new tracks of dark dystopian, space rock. The title track is short, just two minutes, but it sets the mood with deep bass ambience and distant machine-like drones. Sir Veillance picks up on that vibe, slowly building over almost two more minutes of shadowy atmospheres before the heavy guitars kick in for a throbbing, swirling, swooshing mid-tempo rocker than drifts between deliriously chilling moments to almost dreamy passages. It’s quite effective. Altitude fuses more deep spacey moods this time with dance beats, shimmering electronics, and hypnotic guitar lines, again, finding that strange balance between dark and dreamy. And...

August 11, 2016

UK band Civilian Zen make a welcome return with more of their unique style of space rock on their latest album, Horizones. The band, consisting of the trio of Mark Andrew Broster (bass, voice, poems, midi bass, fx), Ralph Wordenweber (drums, percussion, midi drums, vocals) and Keith Hill (vocals, guitars, fx, synths) rev up their engines to maximum power and explode into space with this dazzling new album.

Horizones opens with an intriguing and atmospheric ‘shamanic dream vs dystopian reality’ meditation before kicking into high gear with the excellent, Hawkwind-like first cut Auda-City, and things are on their way from there.  From the industrial throb space orgy madness of Void Waves to the creeping, hallucinator...

April 29, 2016

Tell Lie Vision is an epic concept album that veers back and forth between dystopian and apocalyptic themes explored through explosive space rock tunes and deep ambient excursions. Originally released in 2014, this newly issued remastered edition contains nine bonus tracks.

UK trio Civilian Zen was formed in 2006, and consists of Keith Hill, also of Signified, Oceanfire, Vert:X and others on vocals, guitars, synths, fx, programming, hammond organ, mellotron, and samples; Mark Andrew Broster on bass, poetry, and vocals and Ralph Woerdenweber on drums and vocals. Their music is clearly influenced by Hawkwind in many ways, and yet, one does not get the feeling of listening to Hawkwind when listening to Civilian Zen. T...

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