July 29, 2016

ihä is the brainchild of Chilean guitarist Ignacio Moreno Fluxà. Intended as a minimalist ambient project, Fluxá uses only guitar and effects to create his spacious dronescapes. This is not new age mellowness going on here though. On ironía, Fluxá infuses his sound with both very subtle, cyclical melodies and throbbing noise.

Contra todo dictadura (Against All Dictatorships) opens the album on a generally peaceful note, with simple guitar weaving single notes that spiral off one after the other. It’s the shortest piece on the album at 3 ½ minutes, but sets the tone for a minimalist excursion that is almost meditative in nature. Todo lo sólido se desvanece en el aire, todo lo sagrado es profanado (All That is Solid...

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Jeff Fitzgerald

is a writer, musician and broadcaster. He formerly hosted the radio shows

Electronic Realizations on CKMS-FM and Prog World and  River Gibbs FM. He wrote for 15 years for the webzine Aural Innovations. He is also one half of the space prog duo The Star Diaries, one half of the electronic music duo Systems of Wonder, and is part of the Arcturus Strange collective.

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