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December 10, 2017

On their first release, Retrofitting, Number Three Combo explored a sound utilizing acoustic instruments like guitar, flute and hand percussion, with occasional synth to create both folky songs and more cinematic style soundscapes, often with a Middle Eastern flavour. On their second album, 2016’s Solarium, they explored similar territory, but they replaced the acoustic guitar with synthesizers for a much more electronic album. For Resurfacing, which is their final release, Number Three Combo shake it up again, this time producing a more traditionally song based album, without sacrificing the elements developed on the first two recordings. Returning for this outing are ex-Black Sun Ensemble members Eric Johnson on...

February 11, 2017

Number Three Combo is a trio of musicians from Tucson, Arizona consisting of Ex-Black Sun Ensemble members Eric Johnson (12 string acoustic guitar, keyboards and vocals) and Joe E. Furno (flute and vocals) along with Cobracalia’s percussionist Carl Hall (dumbek and acoustic percussion). Their 2015 album, Retrofitting, found the band creating lush Middle Eastern influenced tracks with a largely acoustic variety of instruments (guitar, flute, percussion) with the small addition of some synths and electronics for flavour. Now comes their follow up album, Solarium, but rather than repeating what they did on their debut, Number Three Combo have kept the same essential concept musically, but instead of an acoustic album...

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Jeff Fitzgerald

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