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January 19, 2018

The debut album by UK’s Psychic Lemon was the first album I reviewed in this blog. It was also my pick for #1 album for 2016. So, it’s been with eager anticipation that I’ve awaited their follow up album, and now, in the early days of 2018, Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay has arrived! Does it live up to all my anticipation? A most definite yes! The title of the album, in fact, is a sort of sonic manifesto, and it lays out the journey to come in no uncertain terms.

From the opening attack of tribal drumming and thundering bass on Exit to the Death Lane, you know you’re in for an exhilarating ride, and you are not let down. As edgy guitars and druggy, chant-like vocals enter, the music has you under its spell. Hey...

April 29, 2016

Storming out of a small studio in the back of a garden in Cambridge, UK, the four-piece unit Psychic Lemon have released certainly one of the most kick-ass amazing psychedelic records I’ve so far heard this year. It’s all the more remarkable being that the self-titled album is the band’s debut.

Band members Andrew Briston (guitar, vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar), Andrew Hibberd (bass), George Horler (guitar, vocals, slide guitar), and Martin Law (drums, percussion) play with breathtaking energy and top-notch chops, but never let it get too overly slick sounding, maintaining the raw energy of live music. And while citing influences such as Syd Barrett, The Heads, Goat, and Amon Duul II, they really have created...

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