December 23, 2016

Phil Thornton has had a long career in music, as a member of prog rock band Stallion in the 70’s, psychedelic synthpop band Expandis in the 80’s, and space rock/world dance-music band Mandragora in the 90’s, to name a few. He’s also had a prolific solo career since the earlier 80’s, having released over 30 albums. Phil’s music combines elements of deep ambient, new age, psychedelic, tribal fusion and soundtrack and world music. His latest album, the all instrumental Seven Rings, is a collaboration with didgeridoo master Sika, who also plays native flutes, bullroarer, ocarina, rattles and provides nature recordings. For his part, Thornton plays synths, e-bow guitar, chicken flute, and recorders on the album.

Seven R...

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Jeff Fitzgerald

is a writer, musician and broadcaster. He formerly hosted the radio shows

Electronic Realizations on CKMS-FM and Prog World and  River Gibbs FM. He wrote for 15 years for the webzine Aural Innovations. He is also one half of the space prog duo The Star Diaries, one half of the electronic music duo Systems of Wonder, and is part of the Arcturus Strange collective.

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