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Review: Pixie Ninja - 'Colours Out of Space' (released July 3, 2020)

I dug this Norwegian band's debut album 'Ultrasound' back in 2017. It was some truly original progressive music, full of crazy sound experimentation and deep atmospheres. But it was never aimless meandering. Everything had a purpose and a direction...the shifts and changes made sense, it was not just a random stitching together of ideas and improvisations (not that there's anything wrong with that!). Their newest album, 'Colours Out of Space' is just as brilliant.

Although entirely instrumental, it's inspired by the works of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. I always love a bit of good Lovecraftian music. For those who don't know, Lovecraft has been the inspiration of many a band and musician (not to mention writers, artists, game designers, etc.) playing in many styles from metal to electronic experimental music to progressive rock. There was even a psychedelic rock band in the 60's called H.P. Lovecraft. As you might expect, this is darker and somewhat heavier at times than their debut album, in line with the subject matter. But it's just as creative and original as that album was.

Structurally, it seems a bit like what you would expect from electronic music as it shifts subtly from section to section, sequences of notes emerging and disappearing again, but although there are some synths involved, this is definitely not electronic music. Using both vintage and modern instruments and drawing on, well, all of those styles mentioned above as well as others 'Colours Out of Space' is a dark sonic feast for the ears to gorge on.

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