Interview: King Black Acid

King Black Acid were one of the fixtures of the psych scene in the late 90’s and early 2000’s with classic albums such as the classic Sunlit (1996) and the mesmerizing Loves a Long Song (2000). Under the guidance of its mastermind, Daniel Riddle, the collective re-defined psychedelia and spacerock for the modern ear, from the languid, mysterious and haunting epics of their early career that often reached 20-minutes or more in length, to the more precise and focused, often anthemic songs of later releases, such as the collection of songs they wrote and performed for the soundtrack to the 2002 Richard Gere supernatural movie The Mothman Prophecies. Things grew a bit quiet after that for King B

Review: Various Artists – Intergalactic Moonloonies Invade Mushroom Hill Vol. 2 (released June 1, 20

Full Disclosure: I was personally involved in this project, having contributed a track to Vol. 6. However, up until release, I had heard only a few of the tracks that appear on these compilations. So, there we have it. Intergalactic Moonloonies Invade Mushroom Hill was a project organized by Dave Pearson of computerchemist as a benefit to raise money for the Aquarian Moons internet radio show, done by Paul Higgins, aka The Electric Gypsy. Paul has enthusiastically supported the psych/space/electronic music community for years, buying much of the music himself to play on his radio show. So, this project was designed as both a thank you from many of the musicians he has supported, and a benefi

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