Review: The Spanish Flies – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (released August 16, 2018)

Here’s a band that hails from my neck of the woods. The Spanish Flies are from Edmonton, Canada. Led by Peruvian born guitarist Fel Gamarra, The Spanish Flies pump out a catchy blend of highly energetic power pop and psychedelic rock. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait is the second EP released by the band (their first, Ignorance is Bliss, came out at the tail end of 2016). Things ‘get going’ with the infectious opening track Get Going, with it’s warm, summery vibe, driving beat, spacey vocal chorus and reverb laden guitar. Second track, Psycho Trip, is a deliriously narcotic, 60’s influenced psych rocker that lives up to its name with acid drenched surf guitar and trippy, echoing vocals. It

Review: Various Artists – Intergalactic Moonloonies Invade Mushroom Hill Vol. 1 (released June 1, 20

Full Disclosure: I was personally involved in this project, having contributed a track to Vol. 6. However, up until release, I had heard only a few of the tracks that appear on these compilations. So, there we have it. Intergalactic Moonloonies Invade Mushroom Hill was a project organized by Dave Pearson of computerchemist as a benefit to raise money for the Aquarian Moons internet radio show, done by Paul Higgins, aka The Electric Gypsy. Paul has enthusiastically supported the psych/space/electronic music community for years, buying much of the music himself to play on his radio show. So, this project was designed as both a thank you from many of the musicians he has supported, and a benefi

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