Review Blue Lily Commission - The Undrugged Orchestra (released July 31, 2016)

Multi-instrumentalist Steve Palmer returns with his second Blue Lily Commission release of 2016 (and 14th release overall), The Undrugged Orchestra. The album follows in the footsteps of two 2015 releases: Undrugged and Drugged. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but my impression was that Undrugged presented a less weird, less psychedelic, more acoustic side to Blue Lily Commission’s music, focusing more on the world music elements, whereas Drugged, while still incorporating those world music elements, was trippier, with more electronics and stranger sounds. The Undrugged Orchestra again returns to the more stripped down, acoustic side that Palmer presented on the original Undrugged

Review: Civilian Zen – Horizones (released August 11, 2016)

UK band Civilian Zen make a welcome return with more of their unique style of space rock on their latest album, Horizones. The band, consisting of the trio of Mark Andrew Broster (bass, voice, poems, midi bass, fx), Ralph Wordenweber (drums, percussion, midi drums, vocals) and Keith Hill (vocals, guitars, fx, synths) rev up their engines to maximum power and explode into space with this dazzling new album. Horizones opens with an intriguing and atmospheric ‘shamanic dream vs dystopian reality’ meditation before kicking into high gear with the excellent, Hawkwind-like first cut Auda-City, and things are on their way from there. From the industrial throb space orgy madness of Void Waves to th

Review: Novakain – Nature’s Candy (released February 13, 2016)

Hailing from Fortworth Texas, Novakain are Dylan Kain (bass, lead and backing vocals), Kyle Kain (guitars, backing and lead vocals) and John Bereuter (drums, percussion, and backing vocals). Together, they stir up a spicy brew of 70’s style boogie rock like ZZ Top, with a heavy infusion of late 90’s style stoner rock such as Fu Manchu, along with elements of funk, southern rock, and psychedelia. It's all thrown into the blend and whipped up into their own brand of boiling hot rock n’ roll. Nature’s Candy is the band’s second album, although their first release, Organic Purple was a “demo album” recorded live on the floor. Four of the eight songs are re-recorded for Nature’s Candy, including

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