The Spanish Flies – ‘Mr. Evil’ (released February 20, 2019)

I’ve had this song ‘Mr. Evil’ and its flipside ‘Egypt’ on my playlist all week. The brand-new single from Edmonton, Canada’s The Spanish Flies has this deliciously weird and almost paranoid vibe to it. But, intriguingly, the song is actually about escaping your own evil. Buoyed along by a slinky bass line and a mellow, but infectious groove, Mr. Evil is just the kind of song to warm up your chilly February and get you dancing. And be sure to check out the ‘flipside’ song ‘Egypt’, a languid and dreamy instrumental with a memorable melodic riff; the perfect complement to its A side song. You can stream or download the single from The Spanish Flies' Bandcamp site at: https://thespanishflies.ban

Interview: Tim Mungenast

Guitarist Tim Mungenast has been exploring psychedelic and avant-garde music in his own unique way for many years now. His unconventional guitar style is powerfully creative and he has delved into everything from eccentric song-based pop on his early albums to completely improvised psychedelic music both on his own and with his band Timworld to ambient and experimental jazz. In recent years Tim has become involved with the warped and crazy world of Astro Al, as both a guest player and a collaborator. This year marks the 20th anniversary of his debut album, Birth of Monsters. I had the recent pleasure of catching up with Tim via e-mail, and what follows is a very candid, funny and in-depth in

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