Review: Sherpa – ‘Tigris & Euphrates’ (released September 29, 2018)

Sherpa are a band from Italy who are not only versed in the wide range of styles that encompass psychedelic music but steeped in the traditions of mysticism, history and mythology as well. Tigris & Euphrates is their second release, following 2016’s excellent Tanzlinde. Tanzlinde was comprised of largely shorter tracks, with complex textures and bright melodies. On Tigris & Euphrates, the band strips back their sound for a more minimalist, but nonetheless, equally compelling work with tones of light and darkness mingling with gentle noise balanced out by quieter moments. The band also stretches out a little more, with 4 of the 6 tracks over 7 minutes in length, allowing the pieces to evolve

Review: Sula Bassana – How It Began… (1983-1986) (released Aug. 4, 2019)

Just dropped today, a brand-new release from Sula Bassana…sort of! How It Began… (1983-1986) gives us a fascinating glimpse into the past, a time machine if you will, that takes us back to the very earliest days of Dave Schmidt’s musical explorations. On these early recordings, he achieved a crude sort of multi-tracking with a tape deck and a cassette recorder, but he warns us before listening, that they were running in slightly different speeds, so there were issues with tuning, and of course, the ever present noise inherent to those tape recordings. But these don’t things detract at all from the undeniable charm of these pieces and the nascent creativity on display. Using organ, synths and

Review: The Spacious Mind – The No. 4 Or 5 Gravy Band (released February 11, 2019)

It’s been a good time for fans of veteran Swedish psych rockers The Spacious Mind. Last year we got the excellent compilation The Drifter from Trail Records, and early this year we got the surprise release of a brand-new studio album The No. 4 Or 5 Gravy Band. Released in various vinyl editions and as a digital download from the Brazilian label Essence music, it’s a welcome return for a band whose last studio album came out five years ago. The Spacious Mind always had this ability to take you on dazzling, cosmic voyages while at the same time keeping you grounded with a deep, organic vibe and The No. 4 Or 5 Gravy Band continues that tradition admirably. The whole album has a dry, dusty, rust

Review: Son of Ohm - 'Zeitgeist' (released June 15, 2019)

Son of Ohm is one of the projects from Dutch multi-instrumentalist Leonardo (another being Astral Son, whose album Wonderful Beyond was number one on last year’s Psychedelic Waves’ Top 30). Son of Ohm is primarily an electronic music project, exploring similar realms to Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, but also drawing on numerous other influences. Zeitgeist is the second of three releases from Son of Ohm so far this year and takes a somewhat different approach to the other albums. Here Son lets the guitar leap into the forefront, taking the music in a much more psychedelic direction but without sacrificing the aesthetics of the core Son of Ohm sound. He builds slow, powerful, pulsing sequ

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