Psychedelic Waves Top 30 Albums of 2018

I started this year’s Top 30 with a shortlist of over 100 albums! So much great stuff came out this year. So you know that this list represents the very best of the best. As always, there is no objective criteria here. These are just the albums I've personally enjoyed the most this year. And of course, I'm just one person, so obviously I didn't have a chance to listen to everything. This list includes only new studio albums, not live albums, compilations or re-issues. 30. Dream Machine - Temple of Dreams UK psych/space rockers return with their first studio album in 10 years. Swirling, hypnotic psych that is food for the soul, with Jon Egan’s many flutes giving it a rich, exotic flavour. 29.

Jeff Fitzgerald

is a writer, musician and broadcaster. He formerly hosted the radio shows

Electronic Realizations on CKMS-FM and Prog World and  River Gibbs FM. He wrote for 15 years for the webzine Aural Innovations. He is also one half of the space prog duo The Star Diaries, one half of the electronic music duo Systems of Wonder, and is part of the Arcturus Strange collective.

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